1. What is Skype ? – with Skype you can:

  • Make a phone call
  • Video Conference – 1 to 1
  • Conference Call – 1 to many
  • Chat – IM
  • FREE using Internet connection to Internet Connection

2. How can you use this?

  • Join a conference or meeting you can’t attend
  • Invite a speaker to a meeting or training
  • Have a group phone meeting using Internet
  • Chat while attending a group conference
  • Share a document or image with the group while conferencing
  • Network with other teachers and administrators
  • Connect students with experts worldwide
  • Connect students who are learning similar & related content
  • Allow parents to see their students presenting
  • Allow teams of teachers to meet virtually

3. Why use it?

  • FREE
  • Anyone with an Internet Connection can join
  • Save Time
  • MAGPI group planning sessions
  • IU13 meetings I would miss otherwise ex. MS Tech Conference Meetings

4. Lance Rougeux – (9 AM)

  • How do you use Twitter? Do you use Twitter with District Leaders - how? (Blogs, Skype, Wikis? )
  • What other Social Networking tools do you find valuable for district leaders?
  • How do you see Social Networking developing in K12 education?

Finding collaborators

Discovery Student Adventures -

5. Colette – Effective use in the classroom

  • Connect with other classrooms
    • Debates, Speeches
    • Collaborative Projects
  • Connect with professionals
    • Authors
    • College Professors
    • Specialists
    • Library of Congress
    • Virtual Field Trips
    • Community Members

6. Jason Murray from Cornwall Lebanon (9:30 AM)
  • How do you use Skype?
  • Do you use Skype with District Leaders - how?
  • What other Social Networking tools do you find valuable for district leaders?

– start accounts for us to use