Blog in Plain English

1. What is a blog

  1. A web log – chronological log on postings on a topic(s)
  3. Learn more at Support Blogging -
  4. A diary-like website that needs to be regularly updated
  5. Blogs are mostly text but they can include photographs, video and music
  6. Concerns a topic of interest to a group or class
  7. Others may comment on the articles
  8. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order
  9. Web links and lists of other blogs are other included on the side
  10. Technorati - blog search engine - stats from 2009


2. Using and Teaching about Blog
  • Rules for blogging
  • Navigate for them and with them
  • Discuss appropriate and professional student language-example of first post
  • Discuss differences between social networking tools and educational tools to discuss opinions
  • Share with them the teacher's view and how the blog is monitored and evaluated
  • Discuss using the blog at home.

3. What is Word Press
  • A FREE, Open Source, blog publishing application
  • It can be (and is at MTSD) hosted locally at the district

4. How can you use a blog?
  • Create an account in TEN Tools and start writing
  • Decide who might want to read what you write and what topics you have knowledge of and want to share
  • Decide how often you will blog and stick with it
  • Use tags so others will find your blogs

5. Why use Word Press and Blogging - Blogroll

6. Effective use for Administrators –

7. Effective Use in the Classroom

8. Use an already created Blog with Word Press -

9. Create your own Blog