Social Networking in Plain English

1. What is Facebook

  • Social networking on steroid
  • February 2004 Facebook created by Mark Zuckerberg and four others
  • Initially for Ivy League universities, then to international colleges and high schools (.edu)
  • Sept 2006 Opened for anyone to join Facebook’s social network
  • More than 65 million active users
  • Over 6 million active user groups
  • 85% market share of U.S. university students
  • Over half of users return daily
  • Users spend an average of 20 mins per day on Facebook
  • Way to connect with old friends and family
  • Reinforces & expands your real-world social connections
  • Fosters communities of people who share interests and activities
  • Economical way to keep your friends updated
  • Discover new interests and friends

2. How can you use Facebook?

  • Create an account and join friends just to understand what this is all about and how to be safe
  • Join a group to collect money for a cause
  • Join a group interested in an academic topic
  • Find classmates (college, graduate and conference) - share tools for education
  • Use an “app” (application) meant for learning
  • Create a Facebook just for your interest

3. What should our teachers teach students about correct and safe Facebook (Social Networking) use?

  • Don’t share anything you don’t want the world to see even after you erase it
  • Be very careful of what you add to your profile
  • Check your wall often to be sure friends really are acting responsibly
  • Remove anything the least bit questionable
  • Don’t be afraid to remove a friend
  • Don’t add anyone as a friend unless you really trust them
  • Be sure to read there privacy information and set your settings
  • Remember prospective employers may be ready this at any time
  • Be careful of scam and false invites to groups

4. View an existing Facebook account

5. Set up a Facebook account - Go to http://www.facebook.com