Twitter in Plain English--Common Craft

1. What is Twitter?

Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users' updates.

Twitter uses SMS Protocol to deliver short messages (140 characters or less). These messages are managed through your Twitter account; however, you can access them through your phone or other Twitter applications. The messages are sent to your friends/network (followers) instantly.

Twitter messages answer question What are you doing right now?
  • Send Links, Resources
  • Express Opinion or Reaction
  • Ask a Question

2. Why and How would you use Twitter in Administration?
  • FREE
  • Learn from others attending local, state, and national educational conferences
  • Builds a personal/professional learning network
  • To follow professional educational leaders
  • To ask specific questions or ask an expert
  • To create a back channel--commenting on speaker, conference, etc.
  • Use it as a professional development tool
  • Connect the faculty together as a learning community
  • To make school-wide announcements
  • Promote a Blog/Newsletter

Twitter in the Classroom Example

Possible Classroom Ideas:
  • Have students create a Twitter Account
  • Create a Group Class Account
    • Update Class Homework Assignments, Due Dates, Etc.
    • Use as a way of working on class assignments
    • Network with class (Personal/News)
    • Post Links, Resources, etc. (Relating to Class)
    • Class Group can follow other twitter feeds to gain valuable resources for the class
    • Brainstorming Ideas as a class or individually for feedback, etc.

Other Class Ideas:
    • Students can send "tweets" on comments, questions, and feedback during a lecture, video, speaker, etc.
    • Connect with classmates and instructor on a daily basis for quick feedback

Twitter Form--Username

Twitter Responses:
Twitter Handout

Steps for getting started with Twitter

Twitter Tools

Shrink Tweets--
Search for Tags--
Share Photos--
Friends/Followers --
Teacher Group--
Twitter Users/Subject--

All resources on tabs:

Resources: Google and Twitter side by side! (Great Article about why teachers should use Twitter!) (Possible Classroom Ideas--Listed Above) - Nine Ways to Use Twitter in Schools guide to twitter